About dropped.uk

Dropped.uk provide both a domain name backorder service for .UK domain names, and comprehensive drop lists covering up to 90 days.

The service is run by Gueek Ltd, an independent limited company (06409340) registered in England since 2007. We launched dropped.uk on 17th February 2016.

Our drop catching service allows you to backorder any suspended .uk, .co.uk, .org.uk or .me.uk domain name free of charge. We then monitor the domain name and attempt to register it for you the second it becomes available. You only pay for the domain name if we're successful.

To backorder a domain name, it must be suspended. Typically, domain names are suspended 30 days after expiration, and are deleted on the 92nd day after expiration. We attempt to register domain names the moment they are deleted.

Our service is flexible and designed for one-off, occasional and bulk backorders.


If we're successful, we'll automatically charge your stored card once a domain has been caught. If the payment fails, you will need to make a manual payment through our control panel within 7 days. Once paid, you'll be able to transfer the domain name to your chosen Registrar by updating the tag through our control panel.

You can choose to make a larger payment, and in return we'll offer a cheaper per-catch fee. If multiple backorders are received against a domain name, it will be auctioned to the highest bidder.