Drop catching options

We operate a pay-on-catch service, meaning no upfront costs.

Prices below also include registrant transfer and VAT. There are no other fees to pay to Nominet or ourselves if we successfully catch your backorder!

Note: Right of registration catches are charged at a minimum of £35. This may increase if the domain goes to auction. Tiered pricing is not in operation for caught right of registration domain names bewteen 1st and 5th July 2019.

1 catch

  • £35 per catch
Buy 1 catch credit

5 catches

  • £30 per catch
Buy 5 catch credits

10 catches

  • £25 per catch
Buy 10 catch credits

No hidden fees

Each credit includes domain name registration, registrant transfer and TAG change. No hidden fees!

No expiry

Catch credits never expire. Ever. Keep them in your account until you need them.

Flexible pricing

Pay for a single catch, or make it cheaper by buying in bulk upfront.

VAT included

VAT is already included in the above prices, and we show VAT on our invoices.