Drop catching options

Our drop catching service specialises in securing expired UK domain names within milliseconds of them becoming available again.

Domain drop catching is the process of registering a domain name the moment it is deleted. This is typically on the 92nd day after the domain has expired.

We operate a pay-on-catch service, meaning no upfront costs to backorder your expired domain name. Simply create an account and place your backorder.

Note: We do allow multiple backorders for the same domain name.

If we secure a backordered domain;

  • If you are the only person who backorders a domain, you'll pay a fixed fee of £35, and the domain is yours.
  • If multiple people backorder the same domain, it will enter a short auction (typically 3 days). The first person who backordered the domain will automatically open the bidding at £35. If nobody else bids, you'll secure the name for £35!

If we're unsuccessful, there's nothing to pay.

All our prices include registrant transfer, transfer out and VAT. There are no other fees to pay to Nominet or ourselves if we successfully catch your backorder!

To place a backorder, login or create an account.

Deletion timeline

Domain expires

Domain has reached it's expiration date and has not been renewed. The domain has entered the deletion cycle, but can still be renewed right up to deletion.

Domain suspended

After being expired for 30 days, the domain is suspended. All associated services (including web/email) stop working.

Domain deleted

On the 92nd day, the domain will be deleted. This is any point from 00:00 to 23:59. We poll the domain continuously during the deletion day.

Domain registered

Once we notice the domain has been deleted, a registrar (like ourselves) will register or 'catch' the domain. We'll notify you of the outcome.