Domain drop lists

We create some of the most comprehensive domain drop lists available. We're currently monitoring over 10,472,640 UK domain names!

Our drop lists contain every expired .uk domain name in the standard drop cycle - on average, 7,250 domains enter the drop cycle every day.

Access to today's drop list is completely free of charge for all customers! Simply create an account or login to view the list. If you wish to access our drop lists for further in to the future, a subscription is required, paid monthly in advance.

Being able to see domains enter the deletion process at day 90 allows you to compile lists of domain names well in advance, in order to be able to backorder here and elsewhere. This will give you the advantage for those services that offer single backorders only on a first come first serve basis.

Our drop list plans:


  • All domains dropping today
  • No payment details required
  • Create an account or login to view domains dropping today
View now

+ 7 days

  • per month
  • 7 days ahead
  • 5 drop list alerts
  • 25 watch list domains
  • 150 bulk WHOIS

+ 30 days

  • per month
  • 30 days ahead
  • 10 drop list alerts
  • 100 watch list domains
  • 300 bulk WHOIS

+ 60 days

  • per month
  • 60 days ahead
  • 15 drop list alerts
  • 250 watch list domains
  • 600 bulk WHOIS

+ 90 days

  • per month
  • 90 days ahead
  • 20 drop list alerts
  • 500 watch list domains
  • 1000 bulk WHOIS


We monitor every registered domain that Nominet manage, including .uk,,,,,, and Currently 10,472,640 domain names!


All domains that enter the drop cycle are checked against Majestic, Google and Wayback. We also check for the same domain registered in multiple extensions.

90 days

Depending upon your chosen subscription, you can access up to 90 days worth of drop lists. This includes one day where domains are yet to be suspended. However, domains can only be backordered once suspended (30 days after expiry).


Export drop lists in csv format for easy manipulation, search and sorting in any standard spreadsheet application. All metrics included.