Frequently asked questions


Do I have to pay upfront?

No. We're a pay-on-catch service, meaning there are no upfront fees to backorder a domain name. We do, however, limit the number of domains you can backorder at one time.

How many domains can I backorder at once?

Currently, each account is limited to six backorders at any one time. We regularly review this number.

How can I increase the number of domains I can backorder?

You can increase the number of backorders allowed by purchasing bulk payment credits in advance, or by subscribing to our droplist service.

When searching, it says 'domain already booked'.

The domain name you have searched for has already been booked by another user. Each domain name can only be booked once. Bookings are taken on a first come, first served basis. The only requirement is that the domain name must be suspended before it can be booked.

What does 'Polling' mean?

Polling is when we start continuously monitoring the domain name on the day we expect it to become available.

Can I cancel a booking?

Bookings can be cancelled at any point until polling begins. Once we start polling a domain, you cannot cancel a booking.

What happens if the domain name doesn't drop on the expected date?

If your domain name does not become available on the day we expect it to, we will continue to poll the domain name at regular intervals.

Can I cancel a booking if the domain did not become available?

You can request cancellation of the polling through the control panel. Once cancellation is requested, we will send a stop request to our polling system. The backorder should be cancelled shortly after your request is received.

What TAG do you use to catch domain names?

Domain names are caught using the TAG DROPPED.

It looks like you caught the domain, but it is not registered in my name. Why is this?

All domain names are caught using our details. This is primarily for speed to ensure our system is not delayed by looking up your registration information during a catch. It is also for our security to ensure we receive payment for our service.

Can I change the Registrant details for a caught domain name?

The first Registrant transfer from our details is free of charge. If we have already processed a Registrant transfer, then changing these details again incurs an additional fee.

I've set the Registrant for my caught domain. How long does it take for the WHOIS to update?

The WHOIS will only update once you have submitted your TAG change request.

If you have submitted Registrant and TAG details, but have not paid for the catch, the Registrant transfer will not take place until payment is received.

How long does it take to transfer a caught domain?

Once a domain is caught, we'll email you requesting payment and to confirm Registrant details and TAG. Once these have been received, TAG changes are processed within 15 minutes. Everything is fully automated. Be sure you advise the receiving TAG your domain is on its way (usually via a transfer in).

If a TAG change does not occur within 15 minutes, then the receiving TAG will need to accept our request to transfer your domain. If this is the case, we'll have emailed you to advise.

How long do I have to pay for a caught domain name?

All caught domain names must be paid for within 30 calendar days.

Any unpaid domain names outside of this timeframe will be subject to our payment terms and conditions, specifically the Withdrawal section.

Are there any additional fees?

No. If we successfully catch a domain name on your behalf, we'll ask for our advertised fee. Once payment has been received, we will transfer the domain name with your chosen Registrant details to the TAG of your choice.

Do you add VAT to your prices?

No, our prices already include VAT.

When you make a purchase, an invoice is generated which clearly shows the VAT breakdown and our VAT registration number.

Drop lists

How are your drop lists different?

Our drop lists contain every .uk domain name entering the standard drop cycle! We monitor every single registered .uk domain name.

Exactly how many domain names are you monitoring?

Our database currently contains 11,971,515 domain names, and changes every day as domains are registered and released.

What statistics do you obtain for each domain?

For every domain appearing on our drop lists, we obtain statistics from Alexa, Majestic, Mozscape, Wayback machine ( We also generate keywords for each domain, and check for these keywords for Google searches and estimated Google CPC (cost per click). Finally, each domain is checked to see if it is registered in, .uk,,,, .com, .net, .org, .info and .us.

When are the domain statistics calculated?

Drop list statistics are calculated the day prior to the domain name entering the drop cycle. This is the day prior to suspension, 64 days before the domain drops.

What does the padlock icon mean against .uk availability?

The padlock icon indicates that the .uk has a right of registration against the dropping domain. This means that when the domain drops, the .uk will become available for registration.

What do the numbers mean against .uk availability in an export file?

0 = available
1 = registered
2 = right of registration exists, but not for the dropping domain
3 = right of registration exists, and the domain will become available when the dropping domain becomes available
4 = reserved by Nominet, and will not be available for registration.

How do you take payment for droplist subscriptions?

When you sign up to a subscription, we charge your card for the subscription amount, and advise our card issuer to provide us with a unique token to identify your card. We store this token, and use it for the sole purpose of subscription billing each month.

Do you store card details for my subscription?

No and never! Your card information is securely submitted directly to our payment provider. We don't even see it!

When are monthly payments taken?

Payments are taken monthly in advance, on the day of the month you originally signed up. Eg. If you signed up on 8th, we will charge your card on the 8th day of each subsequent month.

If your billing day does not occur in every month (such as the 31st), your billing will take place on the last day of the month. Your next billing day can always be viewed from the subscription page within your account.

Do droplist subscriptions have a minimum term?

No. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. Once cancelled, droplist access will remain until your subscription period ends.

Can I redistribute an exported droplist?

Unfortunately not. Your subscription entitles you to unlimited use of the lists for yourself or your company, but they cannot be redistributed.


How does bulk WHOIS work?

Simply enter a list of domain names, and we'll run the domains against the WHOIS server and save the results to a text file for you to download.

How many domain names can I lookup?

Each account can lookup 75 domain names each day. If you subscribe to our drop lists, you can lookup up to 1,000 per day depending on your subscription level. (Subject to staying within Nominet's Acceptable Use Policy).

Acceptable Use Policy - what's this?

Use of WHOIS is subject to Nominet's Acceptable Use Policy, limiting each user up to 1,000 WHOIS queries per day. (See Nominet AUP). This is per user across all websites, not just ours.

What information is captured when I submit a WHOIS lookup?

Your IP address and hostname are submitted with the domain name(s) when you request bulk WHOIS lookups.