.UK Right of Registration drop catching

Our backorder system is now live for .UK Right of Registration domains

Our process for Right of Registration domains is different to our standard dropcatching process.

Right of Registration domains can be backordered by more than one person. This is to create a fair platform where everyone has a chance to obtain these domain names. You can backorder as many domains as you like, however each domain we successfully catch will cost a minimum of £35.

If we secure a backordered domain;

  • If you are the only person who backorders a domain, you'll pay a fixed fee of £35, and the domain is yours.
  • If multiple people backorder the same domain, it will enter a 3-day auction and the first person who backordered the domain will automatically open the bidding at £35. If nobody else bids, you'll secure the name for £35!

If we're unsuccessful, there's nothing to pay.

There are also no additional fees for registrant transfer or TAG change. Both of those are free of charge.

.UK Right of Registration domains will be released by Nominet between 1st and 5th July 2019.

.UK Right of Registration drop list also available

The Right of Registration drop list contains over 3 million domain names, and includes the domain the rights belong to, Google searches, Google CPC and Wayback count for all rights holding domain names. Majestic is present for 775,282 rights holding domains (the most popular).

The list is available for a one-off payment of £35, and you can access/download the drop list as many times as you wish. (Download is a zipped csv as the csv alone is 720MB).

Downloads are available in three formats, full file with metrics, full file domains only, or 36 individual csv files, one for each letter/number.

To purchase the Right of Registration drop list or backorder a Right of Registration domain, login or create an account.

More information about the upcoming .UK RoR release can be found on our FAQ page.