Domain Name Terms & Conditions


Our service is designed to provide domain name registration, followed by transfer to a Registrar of your choice. We envisage that registered domain names will remain on our tag for a few days before being transferred out. That said, domain names that remain on our tag and have reached expiration can be renewed. If domain names are not renewed, they will adopt the expiration policy detailed below.


Domain name registration costs £29.17 per year, excluding VAT. Currently, all domain names are registered for one year.


Renewals are charged at the same rate as registrations, £29.17 per year excluding VAT.


All prices quoted throughout our website are excluding VAT (unless otherwise stated). VAT will be added to all fees as the standard UK rate (currently 20.00%).

Transfer out

To transfer your domain name to another Registrar, you must supply their Nominet tag. Transfers are free of charge and must be completed through the online control panel. It is your responsibility to ensure the receiving Registrar tag is entered correctly, as we process and submit transfers immediately to Nominet. Once a tag change has completed, we will have no control over your domain name and you must then manage it through the receiving Registrar.

Transfers out will only be processed once all invoices for the specific domain name are paid. If your payment is reversed or we receive a charge-back notification, we will reject any tag changes until all payments have cleared.

Transfer in

We do not allow domain name transfers on to our tag.

Expiring and expired domain names

When a domain name on our tag approaches expiration, we will email you 30 days before the registry expiration date, followed by 7 days before, and on the day of expiration.

You have 16 calendar days after expiration at which you may renew the domain name at our standard rate (£29.17 per year excluding VAT). From day 17 onwards, additional fees will apply. Details of these additional fees, as well as additional terms and conditions, can be found in our expiration policy.